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Timeline History


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Time, is created through the manifest lightfibre grid system architecture of horizontal east-west networks of energy. Each human lightbody is connected to potentials or timelines, which indicate life paths, choices and probabilities. In guardian host gridwork and starseed session work, timelines can be viewed as horizontal lightfibres emanating from the lightbody 12 tree grid architecture. The planet grid system of Golden Eagle Grid is the time structure through which humans experience movement in time and is also a masculine, mental body principle on the planet, and in the human. This architecture has been used in reversal and is used to broadcast negative ego programs to individuals, also having the effect of keeping the mind locked into lower consciousness programs which re-cycle pain and suffering through war, sexual misery and survivor fears.

Timelines can be organic, or inorganic (false replicated, manipulated) and in reversal meaning that they contain a lot of miasmatic load or dead light fragments and inserts which have been placed by negative beings in order to stop humans from understanding their true nature, which is directly connected to a benevolent creator force. Many humans take automatic or programmed belief system choices in life that lead them into further horizontal fields, some of which are referenced by the guardian host as consciousness traps. A consciousness trap may contain astral illusion, false potentials, or mind looping instructions which keep the person distracted from their truthful path. We can remove our consciousness from these traps by understanding the thoughts that our minds are having, and through building the connection to our christ 12D light. Consciousness traps can be identified and removed, and can change perspectives of daily life.

Within timelines, there may be alternate body stations of identity in the multi-dimensional time matrix or parallels. Through guardian gridwork, and meditation space, we learn that we are understanding how to collapse timelines from our lightbody and the planet body that are not in alignment with cosmic sovereign law. This means that we learn how to command our life experience on earth by 'collapsing all 'inorganic/false/replicated' timelines'. This can be achieved through meditation space or intention when we are understanding our path to the highest potential timeline that we may for our lives. When in alignment to Cosmic Sovereign Law, when dedicated to serve oneness, this potential becomes available to understand the freedom from suffering and the attainment of the best life experience whilst in this current physical body. Starseeds can command this of their own energy, and learn to retrieve energetic quanta or consciousness units that may have been stuck within the time/space fields by connecting with the tree of life, or 12 Tree grid and directly intending to re-connect and return to rightful owner, their own energy.

On the ascending path, we learn to directly connect into the god head by first building the vertical connection, this re-connects us to the mother principle and then allows a re-ordering of timelines and their potentials by connecting with the masculine principle which has is the movement through time. It is this action which supports the consciousness to ascend out from pain and suffering. We must connect to the mother and the father in order to synthesis back into wholeness. Timelines directly affect the lifepath of a human being.

August 2018 Solar Michael-Mary Heart Twinning
December 2018 Witnessing of the past; Ophiuchus Wound Healer
June 2018 Father Healing Rod Repair, Dismantling False King
Solar Michael-Mary Christ
Timeline History Processing, Soul Retrieval, Multidimensionality