Jupiter, Indigo Ray Holder, Rehabilitation

Jupiter holds the Indigo Ray principle of the 6th dimensional frequency bandwidth.

Massive gestalts of AI demonics in the grids of jupiter were used to enslave nephilim-michael hybridized bodies. As guardians rescued and recovered these bodies, the Indigo wave was able to be corrected by the holy mother 13D aquamarine blue ray of the antiparticle to begin merging into the 6D indigo ray particle spectrum frequency. Jupiter hosts the archangelic mind logos and arc of the gestalt principle of Zadkiel which has been personified on this earth through false ascension teachings of archangels.

Zadkiel serves as a masculine principle of creation which had endured damage and was forced into being an enslavement influence against the family of michael-nephilim. Zadkiel is a principle of the Blue-Indigo ray holder of the michael family. The indigo ray and the grids on Jupiter and the Zadkiel principle were controlled by the gestalts of artificial intelligence and blend hybrid beings of Astaroth, Thothian beings and Hermes Trismegistus demonic forces.  From the guardian perspective the earthly teachings of spiritual hierarchical enlightenment under the guise of Hermes, was used as an imposter christ teaching, leading to soul bindings into Jupiter reversal grids. Vast amounts of human soul body parts were rescued and recovered by guardians in which revealed the 12 strand DNA template of a Michael-Blue-Indigo Ray diamond sun core manifestation template.

Imposter Guardians, Thoth, Enki, Fallen Melchizedeks