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4D Astral Plane

The astral planes are the 4th dimensional frequency bandwidths, which have been heavily manipulated and hijacked by negative alien architecture and time rips. The astral plane is the 4th dimensional astral heart synonymous with the human physical heart and auric layers.

Astral Bliss, and False White Christ Light

The astral bliss sensations or frequency sets that ascending humans have become accustomed to by ways of an inner understanding of the connection to godsource may also be shifting at this time. The astral bliss feelings have been harnessed into the human lightbody and have kept a hold on the umbilicus and heart connections. This can mean that there is a shift in the way that the feeling of energy is perceived or received by the lightbody and physical body sensations, and is altering for many at this time. The group consciousness feelings of astral (4D) bliss, is changing as the guru-disciple false light teachings is being revealed and ongoing themes of dismantling these false light systems by guardian groups in grid space and session work. Imposter spirits have used the light source of human souls through false light teachings and connect into the human aura giving a blissed out sensation. Many lightworkers are duped by this sense of woozy, drowsy, out of body and heaviness feelings, which is often misinterpreted as feeling their guides close, or feeling god source. The planetary lightbody has altered in recent months through the umbilicus connection and the heart centre connection whereby many many guardian teams have been supporting these shifts in order to support the realignment in the planet's body as the staff into the correct organic alignment into the aqualasha galaxy has provided the corrections. In all cases, those individuals who have been working with the inner christ light, source connection and/or 12D christed ray, this is the override for the 4d astral bliss light of white light that has been propagated on planet as a grounding mechanism and astralblissout plug in.

We may be in situations where friends have come to an end point with their own spiritual beliefs or teachings, and may be looking for a way to understand why a certain guru-disciple teaching is no longer hitting the mark or showing the way. We have to be responsible and loving to allow each person to come to their inner non-intermediary connection to source in all ways that we are able to hold a loving and neutral observer space. Coming through the astral bliss can be a painful knowing for those who are coming through it now. For those that are already aware of this, remembering the shock of coming to different awarenesses and altered perceptions can be a compassion point to hold steady for any friends who are facing this now. We may see that this is yet more prevalent on the planetary body for those who walking the ascending path.

False Ascension Matrix

The astral planes in 4d (multiple parts of the planet lightbody fields) have had frequency fences in place to keep the consciousness of humans not being able to feel the truthful forces of tri-wave god force as it beams towards the planetary body. For lightworkers, starseeds and indigos on the ascension mission path; we have been anchoring and building our lightbodies to be self-sustaining through god source to host points of trinity wave architecture inside our bodies, to support the planetary body and to stabilise the ability for leaving the planetary body upon death. Installed into 5d/4d planes is technology that promoted re-incarnation cycle for human souls on earth, meaning that at death point we would travel to the 'white light' and be sent straight back to earth for yet another lifetime. This had the effect of not clearing the lifetime energy from the 12 tree grid, and thus the soul energy came back into a body carrying the weight and pain of the previous life, or lives. The human 12 tree grid was becoming fractured and damaged through this process. The guardian teams and christ forces on earth over many years have supported the building of safe passage out of the planetary body for humans, by building portal systems that access out into christ platforms and safe zones for soul transiting. The Mother Arc portal systems of the Aquamarine Blue Ray, provide safe passage out from the planetary fields. The intention to connect to this wave of god force frequency is highly supportive and is part of the Mother/Goddess/Mary/Feminine principle of God. Cathars and Essenes on earth knew this information and were known as the blue flame holders. Many are back on earth now, to re-weave connections into the Mother Arc energies.

For humans on the ascending path, who have followed ascended master teachings, or the ascension to 5d - may find that this information no longer resonates as truth. As we know, on this spiritual journey, we are each awakening to find out our own interpretation and resonance with truth information. We each know that the truth is revealing itself to us in the experiences we are drawn towards. The ascended masters that have been portraying informations on earth, are not 'ascended' from the guardian perspective, and many have been cloned into AI intelligence hologram to control spiritual awakenings, replacing the truth of christ consciousness with a controlled opposition narrative using complex mind control and astral deception techniques. These masters have gained 'ascension' to the 7th dimensional planetary fields, but this is not ascension out of the time matrix.  Some masters whom have had human channels on the earth plane have been exposed as imposter spirits (false light spirits, non-christ based intelligence). Guardian host planetary management projects are supporting the dismantling of these deceptions. One must continue to clear the lightbody to be freed of astral trickery, deceptions and artificial intelligent holographic inserts.


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