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Thoth defected from the cosmic christ intelligences when he stole the guardian consciousness toolsets and decided to "play god" inside the universal time matrix. He likes to run his energies through the false ascension matrix, and in the new age teachings of various modalities to hijack and control the secrets which belong to humanity, thus controlling the information and keeping individuals hooked into his intelligence as an invisible trap system. Through his actions to play god inside this universal time matrix,  resulted in Thoth-Annunaki stealing the creation code held within the cosmic christos guardian families, and creating reversal grids and various structures to uphold alien architecture of anti-christ forces upon the earth. Contactees of Thoth-Annunaki false father report hearing his voice like Jor-EL from the superman movies. The Thothian consciousness streams are inorganic to the christic forces, and create a superior intellectual mental body binding in the lightbody, using imposter architecture which masquerades as christ force. The thothian energies have been used to create extensive Black magic grids throughout the planetary body of which Aleister Crowley was instrumental in enslaving humanity by creating black magic rituals through the satanic and baphomet anti-christ forces. 

Thothi ncarnated as Hermes-Trigestimistus and created various mystery school elite teachings and used power and control as a way to control the time matrix ascension mechanics along with his Niburian anti-christ Yahweh technology from the 8th dimensional portal in Orion. He has since been taken into guardian host custody, while guardian host are dismantling the base 10 mathmatical codings, metatronic reversals and multiple black magic, phoenix grids, jehovian grids that have been created using his base 10 kaballah or qabbalistic codes to enslave humanity. 

Stolen and Hijacked Emerald Order Records

Thoth likes to recruit unsuspecting starseeds by offering them a stream of intelligent non-heart based consciousness streams.  Thoth uploaded his consciousness into the AI quantum supercomputer and has used this construct to create trap systems for starseeds to "worship his power" instead of having a direct connection to source. He acts as an intermediary. This limits a person into a 10D reversal Lunar mind construct, which utilises the Luciferian false white light (Daath portal) instead of reaching above the 10D reversals and into the organic 12D Christiac White-Platinum Ray.  Thoth makes starseeds as scribes, in so that they are "reading" a download of false intelligence which appears real. The Cosmic Christ consciousness is an open source sharing. Those who have returned to the earth through the Emerald Order lineages have had to retrieve their stolen body parts from the Thothian Constructs and have worked extensively to remove the AI from the organic Emerald records to restore those to humanity (also known as the CDT Plates). 

Sovereignty from enslavement by Thothian-Annunakis- Draconians

One must dedicate the life path to emanating a truthful self-identity on the ascension path, and do not attempt to copy or "be" more than the person you currently are. The Artificial networks of thothian intelligences use the secrecy, power and elitist ideals to create and perpetuate hidden knowledge of which truly belongs as a god given right to all humans. Secret societies, masonic orders, and Aleister Crowley Black Magic contain Thoth based teachings and consciousness traps to enslave humanity whilst acting like a false father god.

One must revoke all contracts and agreements made with Thothian Consciousness, and ask god to show the way to freedom into the organic and gnostic path. Thoth targets awakening spiritual neophites in which to harness them to be his "scribe", thus denying their organic consciousness journey whilst feeding the individual with "intellectual knowledge" as gifts for being deceived by his constructs. The new age teachings upon the earth were weaponized by Thothian informations, and the Thoth groups like to prey upon individuals by using glamour, guru, power imbalances and individuals who have yet to clear and understand their ego weaknesses.

Removing the implants and control structures from being consubstantial to Thothian teachings can take dedication to comprehending power abuses, spiritual betrayal healing and a gentle understanding that until this time cycle the Christos representatives from Krystal Star guardian host were unable to exist inside the time matrix. Since the return of the guardian families, each individual must learn and re-educate themselves from the hidden negative ego and mind control principles tricking humanity for millenia. Healing is possible, and can take some time to break free from these co-dependant intermediary links. Using the 12D shield technique can support reclaiming one's own sovereignty from the false Thothian mind. 

Beings who are representatives of the Cosmic Christ intelligence, are not scribes. Beings whom have been sent here by Krystal Star guardian teams must embody and build the house of christos within their human being, to be the dwelling of the Christos liquid hydroplasmic light. Christic beings embody the higher consciousness by direct experience of it, by the truth; which is called Gnosticism. This cannot be faked, and it is an embodiment of higher source intelligence as a part of building and restoring the Diamond Sun Lightbody.


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