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UK grids

The UK Landmass sits on the 55 degree planetary lines, and this has been used to create reptilian control structures within the united kingdom ley lines. The UK body intersects part of the planetary Diamond Rose-Grual Lines, which are the main energy centres from the planetary Grail Stargates. The Grail gates are the 2nd dimensional energy sources of the mother's chalice incoming massive energies to the rest of the planet lightbody. Access to the grail provides access to every other dimensional level, and so the alien invasions and infiltrations of our stargates have meant the planet incoming energies are harnessed off planet and not running as they should to be life-giving from the holy mother and father cosmic rays. 

The Albion-Cathar Body world soul template is accessible in the centre of the UK body, and hosts the corrections for the planetary male and female merkabah wings, including the planetary rod. As guardians rehabilitate these massive dragon lines in the UK, their sacred marriage has held the twinned christ-child energies to restore the original planetary configuration and rainbow grail through the Solar Rishic Founder guardians returning to the earth. The Paliadorian Dragon Kings, the Magi lineages have returned through the krystal star guardian host, in restoring the 11D Stonehenge gate along with the UK sacred sites into their correct Solar (Christed) temples, to destroy the anti-christ black magic and reptilian controls of the earth. 

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